Forget celebrity chefs. The books that truly reflect what most Australians cooked and ate at home for more than 100 years were put together by people you have never heard of, in the name of helping others. Community cookbooks have raised millions of dollars for thousands of causes since the first Australian example was released in Queensland in the 1890s.

Many of these books were humble, hand-printed and stapled together by volunteers. Some, like the iconic Queensland CWA Bundaberg Branch Cookery Book have outlived fleeting food fads, and are still in print and much-used today.

On October 26, at Samford CWA Hall, best-selling author Liz Harfull will explore previously untold stories about some community cookbooks and the unsung women who put them together, based on original research for her latest book, Tried Tested and True.

How did a Hinkler cake end up in the Bundaberg cookbook? What made themysterious Wangi Club think Queensland women would be interested in a book of nothing but mutton recipes? How did American cornbread end up in the Longreach Red Cross Recipe Book? Who was the Anglican archbishop so passionate about food that he inspired a surprising Brisbane cookbook featured by The Australian Women’s Weekly?

Liz Harfull is passionate about telling the stories of Australia’s quiet voices – the extraordinary, everyday people who make up our communities. An award-winning rural journalist, Liz grew up in rural South Australia, where she discovered her love of both writing and cooking. The Blue Ribbon Cookbook capturing the traditions of country shows, led to Liz winning aGourmand World Cooking Award in Paris in 2008.

Morning tea will be provided using the recipes from Liz’s books, which will be on sale.

WHAT: Tried Tested and True with Liz Harfull

WHEN: October 26, 9.30am to 11.30 am

WHERE: Samford CWA Hall, 31 Main St, Samford Village

Cost: $20 for Adults, $15 for Concessions (Limited Tickets through the Community Library Samford where the glasshouses are or through Eventbrite on Click here)

Up to 30 tickets will be available at the door on the day of the event, or earlier at Community Library Samford.


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