If you’ve been following our Facebook page Community Library Samford, you will know the library is slowly developing at the Samford Rangers Clubhouse in Richards Road.

We are very excited about our partnership with this great community football club who kindly let us share their premises. Linda Harvey, Evelyn Williames, Richard Carroll, Breagh Gregory, John Atkinson, Helen Hughes, Alan Sonnenburg, Chris Chmiel, Angela Galvin, Linda Murray, Colin Chapman and Glynis Alexander cleaned and erected shelves.

Linda Murray, Angela Galvin and Colin Chapman retrieved 120 boxes of books from our store, no easy job. Tony Cole and Ray Vuillermin collected vital admin stuff from Cedar Creek. Wendy Sonnenburg organised the necessary paperwork for the move and sought a desperately needed treasurer.

We welcome Deon Cloete, our new treasurer, who found us through a Village Pump ad, proving local papers are the life-blood of a community. Our heartfelt thanks go to Chris Chmiel, our past treasurer, who did such a fantastic job setting up the library as a NFP charity with DGR, and who remains a very important part of our library team. The wonderful thing about this move is the enthusiasm, dedication and resilience our crew still has… despite our many challenges.

Our new temporary home is evolving beautifully. We will have an opening as soon as we are settled…we need to celebrate and thank those who have been at our back in our journey, like the Samford Rangers Football Club, Kay Speer from Council who made our place safe, Darren Grimwade who is a strong advocate, the folk of the Samford and District Progress and Protection Association, the Lions’ Alice Cunningham and Brian Hallinan …the list goes on.
What we have achieved is a tribute to the spirit of our community. We thank all those who have helped us along our way. We can’t wait to welcome you to Library Stage 2 at Richards Road.

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