The most interesting and inspiring people live in Samford. One of our many creatives is Mary Mageau, an American-born writer, harpsichordist and composer who is launching a book at Community Library Samford (Richards Rd) on September 21 at 2.00pm.  Mary gained her Master of Music through universities in Michigan and Chicago. In 1974 she accepted an Australian guest lectureship and married architect Kenneth White. As an Australian citizen and promoter of the arts, she has been prominent in lobbying for opportunities for women composers.

Mary has written of her artistic practice, “I always seek to communicate something fresh, new and expressive…” Her music and her writings do exactly that. When Mary moved to Samford she attended Samford Writers’ Group meetings, using the critiques of friends to help hone her writing skills. Six of her books have now been published. All of her e-books are available from the Amazon Kindle store.

Her latest work, Selected Stories (Lulu Press USA), was written and published during one of the most challenging times of Mary’s life as she battled cancer. This lovely little book holds a collection of eleven short stories, together with a dash of flash fiction. A novella, The Traveller’s Tale, provides an interesting conclusion.

Mary explores many themes such as relationships, nature, the seasons, and travel. Various settings are also highlighted, from the early Australian penal and colonial period, to dilemmas experienced in our contemporary times. Spiced with the ingredients of tragedy and humour, these short reads are just the thing to dip into while train travelling, waiting for the children at activities or over a cup of tea.

The Community Library Samford, which supports local writers by hosting the writers’ group and offering workshops, is delighted to help Mary launch Selected Stories. Mary has donated a copy to the library.

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