The Cry by Anne-Marie Hicks

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Waiting, will you come, I am
Listening in the shore winds,
In the clicking of palm fronds,
Soft-sibilant through the mangroves,
Wild-tossed waves on the bay.

Silent feet on wet sand…?
An empty impression, never yours,
A small ocean roar around my head,
The song I once played for you
On the inside of my ear.

Then heart sighs,
Contains its breath,
Gives way to gull’s cry
On storm-winds, out there,
Gives way to sea.

And in my hand forever me
I clutch an empty shell,
Pressed anew against my ear,
With nought but the echo,
The lingering sound of the sea.

Copyright Anne-Marie Hicks


Boyhood Memories by Richard Carroll

Photo by Chris Gill on Unsplash

A country lad at heart
the bush was in my veins;
as a boy I gulped up mouthfuls
of the northern queensland air,
running through the swaying grass
down to the rocky creek,
and in the mud of springs
I bathed my boyish dreams.

Whereto those simple pleasures
of dirt beneath the nails,
scratches and bloody gashes
from tumbling down the slope
to caves and shady grottos,
swinging high from gnarled old gum
splashing to the stream?

I remember
baked beans bursting in the fire
decorating the camp,
shooting at birds in vain,
skinning a kangaroo,
blood and guts,
foul stench
of innards burst.

And we stole the ripened melons
from irate farmer types
guarding their tobacco patch,
stringing giant leaves
two by two,
long sticks hanging in the barn
drug smoke in the making.

Canoeing through the reeds
in leaky corrugated iron,
as flocks of pink galahs
rose flushed into the sky,
red stained shirt
from mulberries,
greedily gorged
in the post office trees,
shit fights in the fields,
mud thrown in the dams,
water brown and turgid
rushing down the creeks,
cascading over falls
flooding coastal plains
and the sugar farmers future.

September Under Capricorn – A Poem By Mary Mageau

Transparent skies, an azure haze

Those tender, sweet, pellucid days that

Mask the coming summer’s heat

It’s hot and white relentless beat

Of burning sun on face and feet.

Oh, the heartbreaking beauty of springtime’s haze,

In those early, soft, enchanting days.

Translucent light, a turquoise sea,

My heart so open, loving free.

September – when you came my way

October – when you said you’d stay

November – when you slipped away.

Now I only remember the turquoise sea,

Not that empty beach with only me.

Early winter’s chill has come

Over Capricorn’s ebbing sun.

Dark clouds racing to and fro

Shadows lengthening long and slow

Reminding me I now must go.

Yet I’ll never forget the azure haze

Of our tender, sweet, pellucid days.

© Mary Mageau

School Gate Mum – The Problems Of A Single Mum.

Here is yet another poem by Lisa S, in which she talks about a Mum at the school gates who feels herself to be the subject of persecution from the other mums – We have all felt like this on occasion I reckon, and I speak as a Father who has done his share of School Gate Duty.   Happens when you are tired and frazzled.  And in this case it is also effectively about a single mum.

School Gate Mum

Don’t stand there in judgement of me, School Gate Mum,

because my day has been harder than yours.

Its easy to see, from the outside in, all the things you consider are flaws

But you don’t know how hard my day to day is

And the struggles I try to endure.

Aside from the things that you think you know of me

There are a hundred and one other things

Going on in my life, in my heart, in my head

Things I wish I could just put to bed.

You see me, School Gate Mum, with a daughter stropping again,

And you stand there in judgement, like you do.

And you wonder, School Gate Mum, again and again

am I a good mum to them?

But you don’t know our day and how happy we were

And the things we got up to together.

All you see is that little window of time,

that she hates when we come for her brother.

My girl is a tricky, emotional child whose quirks are saved

only for me

And the ten minutes, at the gate, School Gate Mum, are

the only ten minutes you see.

Let me tell you right now that my kids are my world

And I love them like you love your own.

But my life, you know nothing about, School Gate Mum,

And I’m doing it all on my own.

I see your children with grandparents around,

At the school gate and weekend retreats.

I see your husband sharing the load while mine is at best, obsolete.

My fairy tale didn’t end up coming true,

And my support is half the planet away,

I’m doing the best I can, School Gate Mum,

While I live in total dismay.

You dont know us, or the lives that we lead.

You dont stop to ask how we are.

But you stand there in judgment, every day, School Gate Mum

Because you think you’re a superstar.

You dont know how much I long to lie broken, in a heap, curled up on the floor.

But I dont, School Gate Mum,

For my kids, SCHOOL GATE MUM, in case they walk through that door.

So dont stand there in judgment, other School Gate Mum,

For my battles you really don’t know.

Feel glad that your child has family around

Who help you, and help them to grow.

I’m doing this essentially on my own, School Gate Mum,

and it’s harder than you’d ever know.

I want to be that incredible mum,

but I’m exhausted and I’ve reached a plateau.

So don’t stand in judgement please, School Gate Mum

For your glares, they cut to the core.

I’m doing the best I can, School Gate Mum

And I really, cant do much more.

Yes everyone has struggles, and I’m sure you do too

But I dont stand there in judgement of you.

So give me a break; I’ve hit a huge wall,

School Gate Mum, and you really, don’t know me at all.

Copyright: Lisa S.

Second Poem About Horse William

This is the second part. I wrote it when I lost him…

Your horse, he is not with us now
For Heaven hath called his name
And though his time with us was short
In our hearts he will remain.

He touched my heart in a way in which
Most people will never do
19 short months he lived with us
With thanks, in part, to you.

He came to us a poorly boy
Who had given up on life
But we shared the burden of his old age
And took away his strife.

His life with us was easy
He was loved and cherished and kept
we remain forever grateful to him
That our love he chose to accept

Our lives will be forever changed
Because he graced us with his love
He was an amazingly special boy
But time with us wasn’t enough

We wanted to see more sunrises
And kiss his nose some more
We wanted to enjoy more special walks
But that wasn’t nature’s law

The angels called him back to them
And he left this earthly plane
He did it with great dignity
But he left us all in pain

He got to leave with me by his side
While my tears flowed strong and true
His place in my heart forever locked in
Because he was left at that place, by you.

My dear, My darling William
The sweetest horse I’ve known,
I gave you your headstone and your wreath,
now that the Rainbow Bridge is home.

Fly free my darling angel
For your lessons, I thank you deeply
And if you choose to come again
Make sure you come and meet me ♡♡

Copyright Lisa S.

The Unloved Ones – By Lisa S

Here is a remarkably heartfelt poem about a rescue horse – William – that Dayboro poet, Lisa S has written about her much loved horse.  As you can see in this photograph, he was a very fine looking fellow.

The Unloved Ones:

I bought your horse today –
the one you threw away.
I bought your horse today –
he has a forever place to stay.
I bought your horse today
the one that was too old.
I bought your horse today
so a different ending could be told.

A different one to the one you wrote
when you sent him where you did.
A different one to the hell you foretold
when you wrote a different “the end”.
Your horse is a loving, gentle soul
how did you miss these beautiful things?
Your horse is a once in a lifetime horse
a four-legged angel with wings.

He will live out his days with the love and care
that you didn’t think he deserved
for all the years he worked for you
after all the years he served.
You didn’t think he was worth that
because he cost too much to feed.
You weren’t interested in loving him
and catering to his needs.

The situation you placed him in
was an unfair thing to do.
On a truck with ten other horses,
all pushing and kicking their hooves.
He is a very old boy now,
that much, you’re right, is true.
And the trip would have seen him trampled and hurt
still you thought it was the right thing to do.

He deserves, like all four-legged friends,
to end his days in peace.
He deserves to go with a loving hand
stroking him while he feasts
on his favourite food and his favourite treats
while his heart ceases to beat.
He deserves a grave with a beautiful wreath
while his person is wracked with grief.

That person now is me. Not you.
For I bought him on that day.
The day you chose for him to die
in a very stressful way.
But that day, it will not happen now,
for his fate is sealed with me
and while my heart will break for him,
I will allow him to be free.
I will give him the dignity he deserves
because that’s what people do.
The people who rescue the unloved ones,
From the people just like you.

There is another poem about William, which we will be publishing in the next few days, so keep checking here.

Poems By Maddie Little

Maddie Little, whom I met while volunteering at La Boite Theatre, where she is one of the staff, has recently started to write poetry, and when I saw the first one I was very taken by what she was saying, and how she said it, so I asked her if we might post some of her poems on our new Poetry page – She kindly agreed, so here are the first two of her poems to grace our website.

She presents her poems in this fashion (white text on a black background), so I obviously conform to her way……..

There are no titles to any of her poems, I think she intends for them to stand or fall on their content..

Or this one……..

If you have enjoyed these two poems, you can go to her Facebook page where she has posted many more of her poems.   Click here

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